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Try your skills in the most realistic commander simulation game. The second edition of the Radio Commander game will take you to the theatre of operations in the Pacific during World War II. Picture the situation based on radio reports, analyze, make decisions.

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Who are we?

Squadron Studio is a young development studio growing out of the virtual reality-based tactical simulation segment. In our previous history, we have created custom games. Now we are trying our hand at production for a wide range of audiences. In our Studio, we focus on creating games combining strategy and battlefield command simulation.


30 September 2017

Artillery simulator "Antracyt Plus"

Artillery simulator for Military Institute of Armament Technology (WITU)

30 September 2018

MicoFalcon UAV Simulator

Full Mission Simulator of MicoFalcon UAV for Airbus Co.

30 September 2019

Simulator Port Master

Port of Gdynia Simulator for the Port of Gdynia, installed at the "Experyment" Science Centre in Gdynia

01 April 2020

Simulation of Westerplatte defence

Simulation of Westerplatte defence for the Museum of Westerplatte (currently the MIIW)

25 November 2021

Wind Farm Simulator

Offshore Wind Farm Simulator